DECEMBER 1st USP <800> Implementation Deadline! Are You Ready?  PSSNY has you covered!

Hazardous Drug Handling & Workplace Safety: Countdown to Implementation of USP <800>

Presenter:  Louis S. Diorio, RPh, FAPhA, LDT Health Solutions Inc.

Countdown to Implementation of USP 800 So, what is USP Chapter 800 and how does it affect the community pharmacy……whether or not you compound? Chapter 800 addresses several areas, not the least of which is the proper handling of medications that are considered hazardous.  You will learn about the scope of the Chapter, the regulatory authorities who could enforce its standards, and the 10 important take-aways to ensure compliance.  Whether you are an owner, a supervising pharmacist or an employee pharmacist, this activity is important for your practice.  



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