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PSSNY’s Priority Legislation

AMMO Reform Bills (A6194 Joyner/S2530 Golden; S7595-A Hannon/A10290-A Joyner; S7591-A Golden/A10293 Joyner)

There were multiple anti-mandatory mail order reform bills in play this session.  The Assembly again passed the straightforward AMMO reform bill (A6194), but none of the senate matching or alternative bills were successful.

Next Steps: PSSNY will be discussing a strategy for moving forward. (August 1, 2016)

Fair Pharmacy Audits 
(A9424-A Lavine/S7201 Hannon)

As session ended, the comprehensive bill that would regulate the auditing practices of the PBMs had 23 Assembly sponsors and 14 Senate sponsors. It ended the session in the Health committees of both houses. The Senate passed a shorter alternative version of fair pharmacy audits.

Next Steps: PSSNY will continue to add sponsors to the comprehensive audit reform bill and work toward passage next session. (August 1, 2016)

PSSNY is currently reviewing the alternative version that passed the Senate. (August 1, 2016).


Pharmacy Technicians (S1883-A Griffo/A4841-A Englebright)

This legislation was a collaborative effort of PSSNY, The Chain Pharmacy Association, the NYS Chapter of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, and the New York State Council of Hospital Pharmacists. The bills were created to regulate individuals who directly assist pharmacists in dispensing prescriptions. New York is one of only four states that do not recognize pharmacy technicians in law.  The bills establish qualifications for pharmacy technicians appropriate to practice site. The Senate bill moved through several committees before the session ended; however, the effort stalled in the Assembly due to union opposition and State Education Department (SED) technical concerns.

Next Steps: PSSNY and the other associations will continue to work with union concerns and the SED to come to consensus on a bill that can pass next session.
(August 1, 2016)


Interns as Immunizers (A9312-A McDonald/S7242 Funke)

The bills ended the session in the Higher Education committees of both the Senate and Assembly with 25 Assembly sponsors and 4 Senate sponsors.  PSSNY made this bill a focus of our Pharmacy Lobby Day in April, but the bill was unable to move beyond the committees.

Next Steps: PSSNY will add bill sponsors, engage Higher Education committee chairs, and encourage the students and campus deans to actively promote this legislation next session. (August 1, 2016)

Permanent pharmacists-as-immunizers (A9529 Paulin/S7321 Robach)

These bills ended the session in the Higher Education committees in both houses, as well. Our successful efforts in 2015 in adding more vaccines to the list pharmacists were authorized to administer, extending sunsets, and broadening standing orders may have contributed to a deficit in legislative enthusiasm in 2016. 

Next Steps: PSSNY will continue the effort next session. (August 1, 2016)

Medication Synchronization (S2809-A Lanza/A4036-A Quart)

The Assembly passed this bill twice, in 2015 and 2016.  The bill requires insurers to pay for a partial fill, pro-rate the co-payment and pay the full dispensing fee for the partial fill.  The bill is opposed by the PCMA claiming it will increase costs.  Despite lobby efforts in the session’s last days with support from The Chain Pharmacy Association and the Pfizer lobbying team, the bill remained in the Senate Insurance Committee at the end of session.  

Next Steps: PSSNY will revisit this bill next session. (August 1, 2016)