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2018 Budget Update on Immunizations
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The newly approved New York State Budget contains changes to the current guidelines for pharmacists as immunizers.  All laws became effective April 1, 2018, and are in place until July 1, 2020.


  • Pharmacists may immunize children aged 2-18 for flu
  • Need standing order specifically for pediatric vaccination/anaphylaxis.  This must be issued by a physician or nurse practitioner in your county or an adjacent county. (Same as adult rule.)
  • MUST report within 14 days of administration immunizations for 19 yrs old and younger.
  • No consent or opt out for reporting for this age group.
  • New York City – report to Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR).
  • All others – report to New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS).
  • Pharmacists will be required to post informational materials to be developed by the Commissioners of Health and Education.
  • Immunizer must be certified in pediatric CPR.
  • Immunization of children is permitted, NOT required.


  • New sunset for adult immunization bill is July 1, 2020.
  • All aspects of adult immunization bill remain in place.
  • Need non-patient specific standing order from a physician or nurse practitioner in your county or an adjacent county for each type of vaccine.
  • MUST now report vaccination to patient’s primary care provider (PCP) electronically or via fax.
  • Continue to report to CIR or NYSISS for patients aged 19+ with patient consent.
  • Discuss patient cost of receiving the vaccine at the pharmacy.
  • Discuss option to receive vaccine from PCP and importance of having a PCP.
  • Vaccinate in a private area.
  • Post the most current ACIP recommended adult immunization schedule.
  • All vaccines administered via non-patient specific order must follow ACIP guidelines.


  • All non-patient specific standing orders must include orders for medications required for emergency treatment of anaphylaxis resulting from the immunization
  • VIS (must be given with every vaccination
  • Commissioner of Health has the authority to issue a state-wide non-patient specific order in the event of an influenza outbreak or threat.
  • See PSSNY’s newly updated Immunization Corner for more information, including Medicaid and vaccines.
  • Pharmacy interns are not permitted to vaccinate in New York State.


  • Vaccines for Medicaid enrollees under 19 is available from Vaccines for Children program and claims will NOT be paid to the pharmacy. See website for more info:
  • PSSNY will publish details about VFC in the coming months
  • DO NOT bill Medicaid FFS for vaccination product for patients less than 19 years old. You will not get paid or will be subject to payment recovery.
  • Vaccine administration for children IS billable to Medicaid under procedure code 90460 and reimbursed at $17.85.

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