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PSSNY Compounding Academy - Employer
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Compounding Acadmey - Employer

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, Express Scripts (ESI) announced the launch of its comprehensive “compounding management strategy”. Click here to read more


What This Means to You:

Express Scripts announce the launching of its new ‘Compound Management Solution’.  If you are an individual company, insurance firm, union, or self-insured business, you may have received communication by Express Scripts that you will be auto-enrolled in this management “solution”.  The solution is, they won’t pay for compounded items.  This undoubtedly will affect your patients receiving compounded prescriptions in a negative way.  Your patients and their families may require specialized treatment that only compounded solutions can address. 

What You Can Do:

Contact Express Scripts NOW, and tell them:

“Please do not enroll my members in Express Scripts’ Compound Management program at this time.”


Additional info:

Are you aware that PBMs, such as Express Scripts, are marking up the prescriptions your employees are receiving?  This is a practice called ‘spread pricing’ and it applies to any type of prescription.  Has your Express Scripts representative told you about their ‘Spread Pricing Management Solution’?  There isn’t one.  Call the PSSNY staff to find out more about the need for PBM Transparency