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Welcome to SPSSNY from President Allison Oddi

Hello fellow students! My name is Alison Oddi. I am currently going into my P3 year at the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. When I first began pharmacy school, I became heavily involved in our local chapter, SPAWNY, and quickly realized the various opportunities available in local and state organizations. Since then, my involvement with SPSSNY has opened the door to numerous experiences in the pharmacy world. From attending meetings in Buffalo, Queens, Westchester, and Albany, I have made meaningful connections and friendships with pharmacists all over the state. Their shared experiences and mentorship have inspired me to carry out my own professional goals.

SPSSNY enables students to attend local and statewide meetings, create influential networks of pharmacists, stay abreast of current legislation, lobby for legislation that will help shape the future of the field, and so much more. This organization also provides a platform for students to present research and participate in business plan competitions. All in all, SPSSNY unites opportunities found throughout the state and allows students to follow their passions within the field of pharmacy and establish essential professional skills. SPSSNY is unique in that its affiliation to PSSNY creates accessibility for student involvement and opportunity for a truly personal connection to influential pharmacists.

This year my goal is to create a more open line of communication and collaboration among students from the different pharmacy schools throughout New York State. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions about how you or your local chapter can become involved with SPSSNY. I cannot wait to work with all of you this year. Let’s make it a great one!

Please check out our Facebook page and add yourself to stay connected! @SPSSNY

The Current 2018-19 SPSSNY Officers are as follows:

We are currently working to get SPSSNY chapters at every School of Pharmacy in New York State. If you are interested in helping at your respective school, feel free to contact a SPSSNY officer.

SPSSNY Chapters:

Albany College of Pharmacy:

ACPHS Officers:

ACPHS Fall Activities:

  • Developing a “find your pharmacy” panel series that brings pharmacists of all aspects in to educate students on the various career paths pharmacy has to offer. We are bringing in a pharmacist or two at a time every couple of weeks.
    • Medical Marijuana dispensary - October 9th
  • “Meet the Professional Organizations Night” (October 2nd) - Event to promote first, second, and third year student involvement. Holding table on benefits to PSSNY membership and SPSSNY involvement
  • CAPS meeting on campus (October 4th) - show students how they can stay involved after graduation
  • Albany Community Health Day (October 13th) - Hosting table to educate community on deductibles, the coverage gap, and recent developments in pharmacy law

Binghamton University:

D'Youville College:

D'Youville Officers:

D'Youville Fall Activities:

  • Selling Top 200 flashcards (chapter fundraising)
  •  Had blood pressure screening service learning event at Lupus Walk (9/22); planning more service learning at a local long term care facility (blood pressure & brown bag)
  • Had meeting regarding Letter Writing Campaign (sending them out next week)
  • Guest speaker: Keith Rowe (October 25th)

Long Island University:

LIU Officers:

LIU Fall Activities:

  • Member Meeting highlighting the importance of pharmacy student advocacy and helping them register to vote.
  • Involving PharmD/MBA students and prospective 3rd years who have interest in the program in attending Midwinter to participate in the Business Plan Competition. (Allows new pharmacy students to engage in MBA related project to see whether or not they’d like to enroll / Allows dual majors to practice MBA portion of their curriculum) 
  • Plan small group visits to local legislative offices (approx group size 10?) to advocate (target # of trips: 3/semester?) 

St. Johns Fisher, Wegman's School of Pharmacy:

SJFC Officers:

SJFC Fall Activities:

  • Preparing for national pharmacy month by working with faculty on events about pharmacy awareness and advocacy.
  •  Developing fundraising ideas
  • Trying to set up a mixer with local pharmacy leaders during a CE event (whether this will happen in October, we are not sure)
  • Continuing to try and establish ourselves here on campus. We are getting a lot of feedback from students about things they would like to see, and as a new organization we are continuing to try and execute all our idea. 

St. John's University:

St John's Officers:

St. John's Fall Activities:

  • Panelist event with Carole Deyoe, Roxanne Richardson, and Howard Jacobson. Spoke with students about pharmacy and the role PSSNY plays in legislation and advocacy. What is PSSNY and how everyone can get involved.
  • Jeopardy: Pharmacy Law. Interactive platform to help educate students about pharmacy law in the state of NY 
  • Collaborative Letter Writing campaign with other organizations on campus regarding Immunizer bill.
  • LaW (Legislation at Work) November 5th 2018 7-9 PM. Speakers: Karen Berger, the NYCSHP President, and Andrew Kaplan, the NYCSHP Policy Vice President, Russell Gellis, past President of PSSNY, and Elizabeth Lasky, PSSNY lobbyist.
    • The main purpose of this event is to educate students about the legislative process and the active role that pharmacists play in advocating for change. 

Touro College of Pharmacy:

 Touro Officers:

Touro Fall Activities:

  • Coordinated two health fairs with Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and Harlem Community (Harlem’s Week Health Fair and Harlem’s HealthFirst Expo)
  • General Board Meeting: October 3rd; Guest Speaker: Aniedi Etuk, PSSNY’s President of NYC Affiliate & Dr. Dipan Ray, Touro College of Pharmacy
  • Flu Shot Clinic- October 15th; Walgreens pharmacist
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bake Sale- date to be determined
  • Upcoming events: Blood pressure training for pharmacy students by upperclassmen (date to be determined)
    Interview P1 Liaisons and Event Coordinator Chair and Co-Chair