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Immunization Corner
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Welcome to PSSNY's Immunization Corner

This resource was compiled by Emily Kinneman, PharmD Candidate, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Carole Deyoe, RPh, PSSNY Director of Pharmacy Practice in May 2018.

Recent Updates:

University of Buffalo Immunization Training – June 7th 2018

NYS Budget Updates for Immunizations

  • Authorizes pharmacists to administer flu vaccine to children aged 2-18. Note that pharmacists are required to report all vaccines for patients 19 years old or younger to CIR (New York City) or NYSIIS (rest of state) within 14 days of administration
  • Clarifies the need to report all adult immunizations to both the patient’s primary care provider AND with patient consent to the state or citywide immunization registry
  • Extends the sunset date for the immunization bill to July 1, 2020
  • More details here:

New York State Medicaid Update - April 2018 Volume 34 - Number 4

Shingrix – New vaccine available for Herpes Zoster, recombinant subunit vaccine, given as two separate intramuscular injections 2-6 months apart. CDC Shingrix facts:

Which vaccines can we administer…

In order for a pharmacist to administer a vaccination without a prescription a non patient-specific standing order must be signed by a physician or certified nurse practitioner in the same or adjoining county as the pharmacy. The current standing order templates for pharmacist administered vaccines are linked below:

Who to Vaccinate…

HALO – Helps to make a decision about vaccinating a patient based on four factors, their Health condition, Age, Lifestyle, and Occupation

When to Vaccinate…

Immunization schedules

While you Vaccinate…

Additional Vaccine Information Statements as well as translations into multiple languages can be found at

After Vaccination…
  • Pharmacists must report all immunizations administered to the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) or, if vaccinating in New York City, the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) within 14 days of administration. If the patient is 19 years or older then reporting to registries is only done with patient’s consent. If the patient is less than 19 years of age reporting is mandatory with no consent needed and no option to opt out.
  • New York Immunization Information System (NYSIIS)
  • Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR)
  • Recommend that Patients keep and carry a vaccination card in order to keep track of their vaccination history. Links to vaccination card templates can be found here and here.
  •  Notify patient’s primary care provider:
For more information:
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