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History of PSSNY
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A Brief History of the Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New York

1879...The pharmacists1druggists convened for their first convention in Utica. It was at this time they incorporated into the New York State Pharmacists Association.

1884...Governor Cleveland (who was also elected President that same year) appointed the first State Board of Pharmacy.

1906...Legislation passed making New York the first state to require a college degree in order to obtain a pharmacists license.

1927...The New York Pharmacist magazine founded.

1931...Position of the Executive Secretary of the Association established (the first full-time employee hired).

1932...The first pharmacy law passed in New York State, stating no one should practice pharmacy unless he had graduated from a pharmacy or medical college or passed an examination before the county medical society. This law was not strictly enforced and applied only to New York City

1934 & 1935...two important New York State Pharmacists Association bills passed specifying certain drugs and medicines containing poisonous, deleterious and1or habit-forming drugs could only be sold at registered pharmacies.

1951...Durhum1Humprey Act..Legend drugs created.

1957...The New York State Pharmaceutical Association changed its name to the Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New York (PSSIVY).

1960...Mandatory college requirement for pharmacists increased to five years.

1967...NYS Medicaid program for the indigent was enacted; original fee paid $1.60 (in 1968-$1.80, in 1977 $2.60 where it remains today)

 I971...PSSNY's House of Delegates established. Federal Justice Department ruled organized pharmaceutical groups could not negotiate directly with third parties, violation of antitrust.

1972...Two line prescription blank. PSSNY's first mail ballot.

1977...'Substitution Permissible' if written by physician on script allows substitution of cheaper brand.

1985...PSSNY moves headquarters to Albany.

1987...PSS1VY challenged and won important legal point that like physicians and lawyers, pharmacists practice a profession and are therefore exempt from New York's antitrust laws which apply to business.


1987...Elderly Prescription Insurance Coverage (EPIC) legislation passed. ...DAW (dispense as written) added to prescription blank.

1988, 1989 & 1991...PSSIVY won important victories in both Federal District Court and Second Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the Stipulation of Settlement between the Society and the NYS Department of Social Services. (Keeping Medicaid reimbursement higher than the State has wanted to pay.)

1990...PSSNY   n r legislation that passed thereby restricting physician dispensing for profit.

OBRA '90 passed. Drug Utilization (retrospective and prospective) Review is a segment of this legislation along with manufacturers rebates to states.

1991...Supervising pharmacist category added to Medicaid providers. PSSNY testifies on generics before NYS Assembly Consumer Protection Committee. PSSNY supports actions taken by the State Education Department and the Office of Professional Discipline relative to the use of Summary Suspensions to curtail Medicaid fraud: PSSNY opposes Governor Cuomo's .6% gross revenue tax on pharmacy. PSSNY opposes reimbursement for generics only for some Medicaid recipients. PSSNY opposes co-payments in Medicaid.

1992...OBRA '90 mandates counseling. PSSNY sponsored legislation prohibiting physician ownership of a pharmacy and restricts the physician from dispensing quantities larger than a 72-hour supply. PSS opposes original reforms in professional discipline, comments made by the Society are considered by the Education Department and merged into the original reform package. PSSNY opposes Governor Cuomo's proposed budget cuts for pharmacy in Medicaid. Proposed cuts - drug prices updated only twice a year, required security bonds in order to continue as Medicaid providers, payments from DSS lagged. PSSNY supports legislation which would prohibit physicians from referring their patients to a clinical laboratory or radiology service in which they have financial interests. PSSNY legislation to increase reimbursement rates paid to pharmacists. Funding to be provided by the manufacturers rebate program revenues, a segment of OBRA '90. Patient medication profiles and counseling mandates of OBRA '90 enacted.

1993...PSSNY enacted legislation that prohibits physicians from referring their patients to pharmacies in which they have an ownership interest.

1993...Clinton Healthcare Reform. PSSNY opposed legislation requiring the expiration date on prescription labels. Bill died. PSSNY supports bill regulating the sale and possession of hypodermic syringes and needles. PSSNY sponsored bill to allow the Department of Education to deny a pharmacy registration to a person or corporation if such person or if a director of such corporation had been convicted of a crime which, in the Commissioner's judgment, would negatively impact upon the safe operation of the pharmacy PSSNY legislation requiring freedom of choice. (Will resubmit to legislature.)

PSSNY opposes, co-payments in Medicaid. PSSNY back in Court opposing co-payments in Medicaid.

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